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A directory of playschools and pre-primary schools.
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Whether you're a new parent on a first-time search, or relocating to another area, you need a one-stop place to find out what's available and who to contact.
The aim of this site is to assist parents in locating a suitable daycare or early-learning centre in your area. Our directory has become quite well known in the Greater Durban area and we are now expanding to cover other regions as well.

Pre-Schools and early learning Centres across South Africa are encouraged to submit a listing to our directory.
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A few things to keep in mind when choosing a child care facility:

  • Security:
    what procedures are in place to ensure that the venue is safe? How do they determine who is allowed to fetch your child - e.g.: ID required etc.
  • Experience of the teachers / caregivers:
    How long have they been there? What training do they have?
  • Food:
    If you're not supplying your own, what is on the menu? Ask them to be specific and ask to see the food. I have heard of places stating "meat and veggies" which turns out to be vienna's and peas or worse!
  • First Aid:
    How many people are trained in First Aid? Are they always there? What is their procedure if your child needs more than just a bandage? Do they ask permission before giving medication?
  • Cleanliness:
    How often are the floors cleaned, for example. Are the kitchen and bathrooms properly sanitised? Are the rubbish bins out of reach of little hands?
  • General safety:
    Is the playground equipment properly maintained? Do they have trouble with monkeys passing through?
  • TV:
    How much TV do the kids watch? What sort of things do they watch? (e.g., only videos/DVD's, or do they watch broadcast TV?) Is there censorship based on your beliefs, e.g. Harry Potter etc.
  • Religion and Faith:
    Do their policies match yours? How do they deal with other belief systems? What is taught at Easter and Christmas etc. ?
  • Fees:
    How do they collect fees (e.g. Debit Order)? What is included in the fees? What extras are you expected to pay for or supply?
  • Notice period:
    How much notice do you need to give if you intend moving your child?
  • Above all - just look around at the place. Watch how the caregivers interact with the kids, and watch how the kids react to them. Ask for references, and chat to a few parents.

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