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An interactive social networking, gaming and content driven portal that rewards it's free users for using the internet every day!

YOBSN is a secure customizable content management portal that generates income for paid portal owners and rewards free members for using it. Imagine owning your own social networking, online shopping, advertising and gaming franchise or just enjoy the content on this portal as a free user.

• Buy the portal
• Brand the portal
• Advertise on the portal
• Add your content to the portal
• Share your portal
• Generate income from advertisers
• Generate income from products bought
• Generate income from new members
• In fact there are 16 revenue streams
• Its as simple as that!

YOBSN comes with:

• Online shopping stores & products
• Global advertisers
• Free educational material
• Free games
• Competitions
• A free member reward system

• Access the portal owners special content
• Enter competitions and win prizes
• Access our tutorials library
• Access our university library
• Access our school library
• Play online educational games
• Access free family online games
• Enjoy our free software section

• Earn rewards points for:
* Entering our daily competitions
* Surfing the internet through YOBSN
* Sharing YOBSN with your friends

• Spend points in our store (coming soon)

To register, simply create a free user account.


YOBSN (formerly Home Page Pays, also known as HPP and HPPVIP) is a secure, fun, family orientated shopping, gaming, social networking and educational portal developed and owned by Smart Media Technologies, in the USA.

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Top Sites (Customizable)
Paid members can customize this section to include all their favourite company, product, personal, advertiser or preference websites.

Free users can only access this content.

Advertising & Revenues
Paid members have the ability to advertise or sell advertising to companies, individuals or charities. Advertisers can either buy advertising space in the Paid members top site section or buy Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Impression (PPI) advertising packages to be screened across the entire HPP paid and free user audience which currently stands at over 500 000 free members.

All Paid users earn 30% of all advertising revenues generated through PPC advertising across their paid and free user base.

As a free user you can buy advertising on your paid users portal.

Faster Online Shopping
YOBSN hosts one of the fastest integrated online shopping platforms in the world. Integrated into the YOBSN portal are some of the best known online shopping stores including:
• Amazon
• ClickBank
• Overstock
• OnlyOnline
• DealsDirect
• Bigshop
• EziBuy
• GroovyGadgets
• AlwaysDirect
• GraysOnline
• CrazySales
• EndClothing
• WaterStones
• Comet

Free and Paid users can now find their products faster across multiple stores without going into each store to find their products and best prices.

Faster Searching
YOBSN offers its users an integrated search engine application giving users the ability to select their favourite or content appropriate search engines from a single dropdown bar before each search.

The integrated search engine includes:
• Google
• Ask
• Yahoo,
• DuckDuckGo
• WhatYouLove
• Wikipedia
• Maps
• Blogs
• Google Video

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  Competitions & Prizes
YOBSN offers free daily, weekly and monthly competitions & draws to its free and paid members. Enter these competitions and stand a chance to win:
• Laptops
• NetBooks
• Nintendo Wiis
• Ipods
• And Cash Prizes!

Free Software Section
YOBSN offers hundreds of rated free software programs that have been recommended by our experts, knowing that they are safe & secure with:
• No Viruses
• No Adware
• No Spyware
• No Malware

We scan all the software with 41 different scanners and test it on many different computers to make sure it is safe. This saves you time and money. Find great software you didn't know existed!

Free Educational Material
YOBSN Smart Library contains hundreds of free educational tutorials on a broad range of subjects including:
• Computers
• Software
• Computer Operating Systems
• Internet
• Internet Marketing
• Social Networking
• Twitter
• FaceBook
• MySpace
• Outlook
• OpenOffice
• WordPress
• Skype
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• And much more!

My University Library
YOBSN School and University Library includes thousands of educational lectures on topics such as:
• Algebra
• Arithmetic
• Geometry
• History
• Chemistry
• Organic Chemistry
• Biology
• Economics
• Banking
• Money Matters
And free Yale and Stanford Lectures!

Free games
Free Games


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